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With the micro-hydropower facility of Timodos almost ready for full commissioning, another learning activity was initiated by Yamog on October 21-23, 2015. This was the Operation and Maintenance Training which brought together 25 participants composed of the Board of Directors of Timodos Tribal Micro-Hydropower Association (TTriMPA), 12 community electricians, representatives of the Barangay Local Government Unit, and members of the  TTriMPA Watershed Committee.

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The training was aimed at providing the participants with the basic knowledge and skills that would enable them to efficiently and effectively operate and maintain the existing 23 kilowatts micro-hydropower system already in place inside their community in Sitio Timodos, Barangay Manobisa, Magpet, North Cotabato. This renewable energy source would provide quality lighting for at least 87 households belonging to the Manobo indigenous tribe. Each participant learned about the different technical aspects of micro-hydropower, including its uses, care and maintenance, possible problems that may arise in the future, and appropriate trouble-shooting measures for specific technical mal-functions. The training was held right at the project site, within the vicinity of the powerhouse, in order to ensure a more effective learning experience.


During the practicum, the participants were taught how to open and close the turbine, open the guide vane, take good care of the powerhouse (a central component of the MHP system where the turbine, electronic load controller and generator are installed). In particular, women participants successfully passed the drills in relation to the opening and closing of the turbine and in making exact readings and interpretations of data reflected on the monitoring panels. Although very nervous at first, they finally got the hang of it and enjoyed the whole training exercise. Towards the end, they expressed their thanks to Yamog for patiently imparting to them the basic knowledge that they need to make their renewable energy system sustainable.


The Yamog training team was composed of :  Engr. Nonoy Cacayan (Technical Director), Ven Barril (Coordinator of the Community Capability Building Unit).


The training was part of Yamog’s empowering strategy of transferring technology to marginalized communities in off-grid areas. It was made possible through the support of Misereor-KZE of Germany, which has provided the funds that made the 23-kw micro-hydropower system a most welcome reality for the depressed inhabitants of Sitio Timodos who have never before experienced having electricity within their households.

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