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Last October 7-9, 2015, Yamog conducted the Basic Electricity and Household Wiring Training for the beneficiaries of the 23-kilowatt micro-hydropower system in Sitio Timodos, Barangay Manobisa, Magpet, North Cotabato. A total of 12 homegrown electricians, mostly belonging to the youth sector of the indigenous Manobo community, successfully completed the three-day hands-on skills training. Early on, during the construction stage of the MHP system, they were already involved in the installation of the transmission and distribution lines.

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The activity was part of the skills transfer strategy of Yamog so that the community would be able to manage the MHP system by themselves. The trainees were given theoretical inputs on basic electricity and safety in the context of the MHP system. The theories learned were applied in actual practicum exercises wherein each of the trainees was asked to perform actual electrical tasks including the installation of the actual assembly of wirings of a typical household. If the bulb lights up when the MHP is on, a trainee passes the test. He would then disassemble the connections and turn them over to the next participant who would reassemble the wirings and ensure that the bulb will light up so he could also pass the test. Everyone performed perfectly well in this practical exercise.


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The Yamog training team was composed of: Nazario Cacayan, Renewable Energy Technical Director; Venancio Barril, Coordinator of the Community Capacity Building Unit; They were assisted by the Board of Directors of the Timodos Tribal Micro-Hydropower Association (TTriMPA).

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In order to facilitate better and easy understanding of training inputs, Yamog training facilitators and resource persons used the commonly understood Cebuano dialect throughout the entire learning activity. The venue of the training was very appropriate as it was done right at the powerhouse. At that time, the 23-kilowatt MHP system was ready for testing. The training participants clearly understood the relevance and importance of the training.  They are now ready to engage in the actual installation of household wirings for 87 Manobo households within Sitio Timodos.


Officials from the barangay local government unit were on hand to witness the training. The Barangay Chairman, Randy Sinadon,  inspired and exhorted the trainees to make use of their newfound knowledge and acquired skills, and opened the possibility of endorsing the trainees to a government agency for further learning and accreditation. That way, the trainees would later on be qualified to conduct household wiring installations in other parts of the barangay.


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