Over the past two decades, we have consistently advocated for the utilization of renewable energy  to propel transformative development especially in Mindanao’s off-grid communities where the problem of poverty is most severe. We have persistently pursued our dream of building sustainable communities in the face of widespread, interminable wealth generation based on bullheaded resource extraction practices that have destroyed our common, natural life-support systems. We have always believed in renewable energy as one of the keys to reversing the pattern of unbridled environmental destruction, climate change, resource scarcity, poverty, and social conflict. Now, as the debilitating effects of these interlocking problems are beginning to really kick in, more and more people appreciate the importance and value of climate-friendly alternatives in the energy field.

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We believe we have found a practical and sustainable strategy that redirects people’s competitive impulses, and channels them into cooperative efforts in developing new sources of clean energy that improve the quality of their lives. At the same time, it is an empowering approach that encourages neglected communities to make a profound, collective commitment to protect their natural environment.

Together with our funding donors, we have already energized many communities in Mindanao through micro-hydropower, pico-hydropower and solar power. Other related capabilities of Yamog lie in the field of potable water systems development, water safety and water resource management,  watershed conservation, and community capacity building.

Be with us in our journey, and in our continuing search for more alternatives and practical solutions that would make a difference in the lives of Mindanao’s most vulnerable communities.